CPS began with a group of high-quality emergency medicine physicians, and serving emergency department remains a core part of who we are. Our physicians are experienced and all certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. We have worked in emergency departments from New York City to Phoenix, but we also understand the needs of rural departments with limited specialist coverage.

CPS also has an outstanding group of emergency-trained and certified physician assistants with years of experience in hospital emergency medicine and advanced skills such as intubation, lumbar puncture, and complex, layered wound repair.

Most importantly, our physicians and physician assistants have great personalities and focus on patient satisfaction and staff relations. 

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CPS hospitalists are all certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and all have significant experience with hospital medicine. Our physicians are comfortable covering a wide range of medicine and surgical patients. Many have additional experience providing cross coverage in intensive care units and with critical care procedures such as placement of central lines, endotracheal intubation, and managing code situations. A subgroup of CPS hospitalists is certified in pediatrics and can provide pediatric hospitalist services and neonatal resuscitation.

CPS physicians focus on meeting the needs of our clients and integrating into the departments and hospitals where they practice. Unlike traditional locum tenens firms, CPS believes in quality, patient satisfaction, and teamwork.

Contracting with CPS takes the guesswork out of temporary staffing by offering you dependable, high quality doctors who will treat your patients and your staff with the utmost respect.

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Intensivists are gradually becoming the standard of care for patients in critical care or intensive care units. CPS provides specialists who are board-certified in critical care medicine and have extensive experience managing critically ill patients at some of the nation’s finest hospitals. Our physicians collaborate with the medical staff and primary care physicians to provide regular communication about patients in the ICU. We also are willing to share our expertise structuring and managing intensive care units and in end-of-life counseling.

For CPS the needs of our clients and their patients come first. We want to be your trusted partner in caring for your community.

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In addition to providing high-quality, in-house clinicians, CPS helps hospitals expand their capacity through innovative technology-based services, such as

  • On-demand tele-triage services that within 15 minutes can expand emergency department capacity and reduce waiting.
  • Technology-enabled specialty consultations in areas including tele-opthalmology, tele-dermatology, tele-stroke, tele-neurology, and tele-ICU services.

By using a CPS tele-health service, you can work closely with physicians you already know and trust and who know and understand your medical staff, nurses and other clinical staff, and your electronic medical record.

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