How To Answer Questions about CPS from a Client

At one time or another, all of our providers get asked questions about what it’s like to work with CPS. Answering them can sometimes be tricky, so here’s some tips to help you.

Avoid talking about pay, number of hours, or specific benefits: this information could create a sense of dissatisfaction among the providers at our client hospitals. We don’t want to do that because it could harm our relationships with our clients. It also could make a client feel that we are trying to recruit a provider, which could cause us to lose a contract.

Feel free to talk about our non-compete clause: In all of CPS’s client contracts, we include a clause that prohibits us from recruiting a provider who works with a client. This includes per-diems and independent contracts. This helps give our clients confidence that we are protecting their interests. The provision lasts for 12 months after the end of a CPS contract or 12 months after a provide is no longer working with a client.

Feel Free to Talk About:

  • our friendly corporate culture
  • our mission to provide great care and friendly, easy to work with providers
  • the fact that we hand select everyone who works with us
  • that we offer services in emergency medicine, critical care, hospitalist, and med/peds hospitalists
  • that we are growing and recently opened a branch in New York
  • that we pay a referral bonus to anyone who refers a great provider who doesn’t work for one of our clients

As always, if you get a question or have a concern, feel free to reach out to Kevin Robinson