How to Refer a Provider and Qualify for a Referral Bonus

CPS offers a generous referral bonus for referrals of providers who ultimately work for us. The bonus is easy to obtain; simply submit the form included in our Referral Policy. If the provider ultimately joins CPS, we will pay you the bonus as detailed in the policy.

Please note:┬áProviders who already work at one of CPS’s clients are NOT qualified candidates. CPS has specific not compete clauses in all of its client contracts that prevent our company from hiring a client’s providers. This provision lasts for 12 months after the end of CPS contract or the end of a provider’s relationship with a client hospital.

Here is what you could earn with a qualified referral.

Candidate Type Bonus
Non-Clinical Employees
Half-Time $2,500
Full-Time $5,000
Physician Assistants
Per-Diem (non-employed) $2,500
Half-Time (employed) $2,500
Full-Time (employed) $5,000
Per-Diem (non-employed) $5,000
Half-Time (employed) $5,000
Full-Time (employed) $10,000

Learn More; Read the Policy